While we give home decoration recommendations, we benefit from the designs of famous architects or designers, but we also know that it is not very cheap to reach these designs. Although we accept that it is a costly task to convert the areas we want into the places we imagine, we must always remember that there are cheap and effective solutions.

When decorating, you can bring out different design parts that reveal your creativity beyond ordinary, everywhere you see the fashion. Using different styles and themes in the same decoration can be an architect of your own home, although you need mastery, you can consider designing enough to examine the design. For example, instead of ordinary wall painting, using different wallpapers or products like stone, brick, parquet will change the air of your room immediately.

When designing a living room, the two most important points you will be focusing on are comfort and elegance. We see in many design examples; stunning furnishings, expensive accessories … Instead of giving money to all this, you can create a stylish living room using quality furnishings and modern furniture. There is always a defended opinion about design; Less than one principle. You can design a modern and pleasurable home with a selection of furniture and accessories from minimalist preferences, which many designers have adopted. Especially if you do not want to take risks, the path you should follow is simple.

Having nostalgic breeches at the decoration is interpreted as a sign of the house’s special pleasures. Regardless of the decorating style you apply in your salon, putting vintage pieces together is always impressive. You can easily find these retro pieces in antiques, antiquities and even at your grandmother’s house. It’s not that hard to show an old but careful piece of something like a pocket of million dollars with some care.

Instead of the middle table we see at every living room, you can completely design your own or a carpenter design best for your stylish living room.

The use of the lamp and lighting is a major deterrent to changing your entire home air, not just your dining room. An unusual chandelier or lamp color completely changes the balance of your room.

The fresh flowers that are effective even the most expensive accessories are important parts of the decoration. You can comfortably use your home decor with fragrant flowers that will give you vitality and energy.

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