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No matter how many seats and furniture you get, you can not get in front of the gaps. In fact, the gaps between the wall and furniture, which you can not calculate when designing your living room, make the room look larger. But over time, the accumulating goods and changing needs have encouraged me to use these gaps. You can often find very small empty spaces around here because your seats are usually close to the wall. You may think that you will not fit anything into these areas, but with practical solutions and creative ideas, you can turn it into the most beautiful corner of your living room.

The gaps behind the seat can prevent the home of various places from turning to the back seat. You can save space by putting artistic items such as tables, boards, instruments, etc., behind the armrests, especially in high cupboards. You can create an excellent decoration area with a coffee table at the same height as your chair and suitable for space. The ideal product for evaluating the gaps behind the seats as well as the gaps around them is sehpadir. You can make a pedestal chair seat a part of your decoration with not only food but books, magazines or a vase.

A cupboard or wall shelves rising from behind your seat; it also allows you to make sure that the items you put in the space do not hit the eye and create new areas that you can use for decorative purposes. Of course, if you are thinking of a cabinet or shelf to save space, you need to add comfort to the comfort of those who will sit on the seats. Shelves that are placed as close as possible will not be an effective solution.

Placing a small table between the wall and the seat is another way of using this space. You can place your plants, lamps and decorative frames on this table.

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