Who is not carefree, does not want a life he can live day by day? From our thoughts to our outfits, from our behaviors, we are just as much of us as a whole bohemian lifestyle. Because being bohemian requires free and traveling soul. When we say bohemian way of life, my mind comes to gypsies. In fact, the origin of the belly comes from French “la boheme”. In French artists, they were influenced by the independent and free life of the gypsies and adapted the bohemian style to the decoration.

Bohemian style has seen a great interest in the decoration as time goes by. The use of eye-catching colors, exotic patterns, oriental accessories and handmade products has made it possible to create living spaces in the bohemian lifestyle.

The first thing that draws your attention to the bohemian way of life can be floor cushions. Quite comfortable looking floor cushions are one of the most suitable pieces for the life style. Bohemian decorations are not included in the heavy and classic carpets. Light rugs are used to appeal to the bohemian free spirit. The rugs, which are full of colorful and designs, reflect the bohemian style of careless, cheerful and sincere spirit in decoration.

Different accessories carrying oriental touches such as colorful hunts, lanterns, vases and biblops are used in bohemian decor. We can see that a house with a bohemian decoration style has birds, green leaves, colorful flowers on its walls. Apart from wall decorations, these patterns are also abundant in textile products.

In the bohemian decor, you will see that the furniture has been chopped into pieces. A uniform image from furniture stores does not accept bohemian style. In order to keep his soul alive, it is necessary to use old and different styles of furniture together.

Tassels are among these indispensable. The tassels hanging from the curtains, the sides of the seat, the pillowcases are the important details of the bohemian style. You can get a bohemian feel at home by adding tassel detail to ordinary accessories you use in decorating.

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