What would you say to an application that will completely change the air of your home? It is possible to achieve this by using glass bricks in home decoration… As we all know, glass bricks provide a transparent look. Because of its light permeability, it gives a spacious and bright air. From the bedroom to the kitchen, from the living room to the bathroom you can use many areas of glass brick.

Glass Brick Application in Bathroom

Especially if you have a small and narrow bathroom, this application is for you… If you want your bathroom to look spacious and bigger, you can use glass bricks here. By using glass bricks around the edges of the windows or around the shower cabin, you can make your bathroom brighter and the best part of using this type of glass is that you can easily get a residential glass repair if you need to. 

Glass Brick Application in Kitchen

The kitchen is the place where the most work is done in the house. Especially when cooking, your kitchen should have good light. Otherwise, it may cause unwanted accidents. For this reason, for example, you can take advantage of daylight by using glass bricks between the facade and the countertop. If you have an open kitchen, you may prefer decorative glass bricks to separate the kitchen and living room from each other.

Glass Brick Application in Living Room

Having more than one glass in the living rooms is both an advantage and a disadvantage. The windows allow the environment to receive more light. But it makes it hard for the room to warm up. For this reason, you can use glass bricks to make the light more efficient in the living room. You can use glass bricks in living rooms not only to make use of light but also very elegantly decorative.

Glass Brick Application in Bedroom

Privacy is important in bedrooms. But the glass brick gets light, but it is impermeable. If you do not like to sleep in the dark but do not want to turn on the night lamp, it makes sense to use glass bricks at this point. You can take advantage of moonlight by using glass bricks on a wall of your bedroom.

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