Coat stand, located in the entrance section of the house; it provides storage of daily garments and other items such as coats, shoes. It is also an auxiliary furniture for the prevention of clutter. The first furniture we saw when we entered the house was the coat stand. For this reason, it is very important for the first impression to be decorative and useful.

It is the most needed furniture coat stand in entree. It is often recommended to use a coat stand. The coat stand is a great solution for organizing furniture that you don’t want to stand around. Here you can conveniently store your belongings with boxes, shelves, hooks. A bench with a storage unit can also be used in the decoration.

The entrance to each house may not be suitable for use the coat stand. But instead of using a large coat stand, you can create a small coat stand consisting of only hooks and a shelf in an appropriate part of the entrance. You can also create a remarkable area by simply decorating the back of the coat stand, consisting of shelf and hook with wallpaper. If the entrance part of your house is large enough, you can also choose a functional coat stand. That way, you’ll be eliminating a bigger mess.

There is a point to be considered in narrow areas. This is the minimum use of the floor. Instead of a large coat stand made of thick material, a coat stand that will store shoes and clothes that are in a simpler and thinner use will be useful.

If there are ladder gap in the entrance section of the house, this area is ideal for being a coat stand. You need such a handy closet for jackets, coats and especially shoes. You can also store the tools such as cleaning materials and brooms in these cabinets. By choosing a suitable coat stand for your entree, you can make your home look better and keep it organized.

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