How about moving the cool and fun art of the streets to your home? With the help of a few spray paints, you can transform your walls into a different area with your own designs or writings.

Stencil is a frequently used painting method in warning articles other than street art. Because of its cheap cost and practical, it also started to take part in home decoration. The figure is prepared with stencil and the template is kept on the surface, spray paint is tightened on top. It’s that easy!

Graffiti are shapes that are written and drawn freely without using a template on a wall or other surface. When the Graffiti is called, we are always confined to buildings or street walls. But it doesn’t even occur to many of us to use in house decoration. It is possible to create a remarkable and impressive home decoration with the art of graffiti, which incorporates many colors and motifs.

By making your own templates, you can also make this art part of your home decor. Moreover, taking help from different materials… For example, the simplest and most common way is the A4 or A3 size PVC skin cover. The PVC skin cover allows you to see the pattern you are placing underneath and ease the cutting. You can also follow these steps: Select your pattern and pin the transparent paper to the sheet. Draw your lines and cut the places you want the trail to come out with a knife. And your template is ready! Now you can apply this template to the surface you want in your home.

There is no need to worry about the decoration with the graffiti preferred by young people and their souls. Because graffiti always manages to be the most effective visual in the place where it’s found. You can use graffiti in small tables as well as decoration in some of the houses or on all walls.

We often see the art, exaggerated patterns and extraordinary decorations that we are accustomed to seeing in modern and minimal decorations. The rebellion and freedom in the spirit of graffiti also shows itself in the home decoration.

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