It is more difficult to decorate small houses and narrow spaces than to large ones. You have to think everything down to the finest detail and calculate it as a millimeter. Even if a furniture you buy for the room you are decorating is not settled, it will have a bad result. Also, care must be taken not to narrow the narrow areas or to narrow them tightly.

Bedrooms are the areas where we spend the most precious time in our homes. Especially if you have a narrow bedroom, you should first prefer a comfortable and functional decoration. Because all the fatigue of the day is here. For this reason you should be restful and restful. Functionally foldable beds, bed bases providing storage space are suitable for such rooms.

You can save space by making a recessed cupboard in the wall recesses of your cupboard. You can evaluate the gaps in the bottom of the window and on the top of the container for storage by making the shelf in the cupboard. So you keep your excesses in these parts. You should definitely choose light colors in the selection of items. The dark color and rough furnishings make the narrow bedroom smaller and darker. You can choose light color paints on the walls and light color wood patterns on the ground. With a choice of small and colorful accessories, you can get your room moving and vibrant.

Choose the furniture you have selected, for example cabinets, with reflective cover and handles from the furniture. By using the reflection feature, you can show your room more than you can. Lighting is very important, especially in small bedrooms. Good and well-placed lights always show that space different, bright and wide. You can also solve this problem by placing a mirror in the specific areas of your room that are distressing in terms of lighting.

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