Bathtubs are one of the most important elements in bathroom decoration. It is the only thing that makes us wake up in the morning, takes our tiredness and comforts us. That’s why it comes first of all, it’s a convenient and comfortable bathtub in the bathroom. If you want to pamper yourself, bring comfort and design together, we can suggest ideas for bathtubs.

The oldest and simplest bathtubs that have been used for centuries are those with feet. Generally produced from porcelain, acrylic, cast iron and steel. Nowadays, vintage-shaped tubs with decorative foot are frequently used in modern baths as a luxury item. You can decorate your bath with these tubs to obtain various areas in your home.

Latest trends in tubs are located inside the wooden or stone platform. They can be located near the wall or also totally independent that seems like a furniture in our baths. You can place decorative object near independent tubs make your place more stylish.

Warm water, beautiful fragrances and massage… What better could it be? If you need to relax, the only thing you’re looking for is the jacuzzi tubs. If you have a very spacious bathroom, you can bring a small pool and massage parlor to your home. Designers who take advantage of the opportunities of technology generously offer many alternatives to those who want to enjoy spa.

When it comes to bathroom equipments, our mind first comes from materials like ceramic, marble. They are not deemed to be unfair when considering the properties such as water resistance, durability. But there is no limit to your design and imagination… With this unusual design, you will never know how time has passed.

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