Masculine style in home decor; usually darker with no dazzling accessories, with minimal details hidden in detail. In fact, it is the style of decoration that a modern house wants. This style attracts the interest of both men and women, especially in bedrooms; elegant, sexy and so inviting. The leaders of this branch are usually bedrooms of minimalist style. Because these types of bedrooms are very similar to the concept of masculinity.

In the masked style, there is no need for extra exaggeration. Everything used in the house is functional. ” Simple and elegant ” is the two words that best express the masculine style. If you are thinking of creating a masculine bedroom, avoid using striking and bright colors in this decoration style. We see that the colors are as dark as possible in the masculine decorations where the sharp lines are the front planes. In general, it would be appropriate to use black, gray, brown, navy blue in accordance with the spirit of the decoration style. You can also use cream and copper tones as auxiliary colors. You can distribute the gloom of the room by using these dark colors, which are used in these bedrooms, with white color.

Vintage suitcases, animal fabrics, plaid bed linens, linens, blankets, leather bed heads are indispensable parts of masculine style bedrooms. It is also the most important use of detail tables that will move the wall decoration in masculine bedrooms. But it is very important that you make a table choice for this style of your bedroom. You should choose tables that are away from extraversion, plain and masculine.

You should continue on the same line when choosing furniture for your bedroom. Comfortable and straight lines, modern designed furniture will be the right choice for the masked style. These bedrooms, especially where wood and metal details are often used, can help you create a trendy space.

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