Kitchens are one of the most common living spaces in our homes. So when decorating your kitchen you should be very careful in choosing themes and styles. First of all, because it is the most used space, it should have a decoration that meets your needs in terms of aesthetics after a functional and comfortable. White kitchens are among the most popular choices of the last period, whether modern or country style … Besides its bright and spacious appearance, it is the biggest cause of this popularity because it creates great influences in kitchens with small touches …

Country style kitchens are attracting attention due to their calm, warm and strong home feeling. This style of decoration, which creates a warm and intimate environment with natural color tones, floral patterns and reminders of the past, is the first choice for those looking for plain and understated elegance in the kitchen. The country kitchens used with wood reminiscent of white, cream and soft colors create an air of bright, spacious and nostalgic smell.

Country style kitchen decorations combine traditional designs with modern day style to create comfortable, warm kitchens that you will not want to leave. Rustic cabinets, furniture in white, blue, green tones, stone walls, wicker and copper kitchenware are the most prominent features of this style. You can reflect the country style to your home by practicing these stones in the kitchen’s wall and floor coverings.

You can create a colorful and simple kitchen in your kitchen by using old wooden shelves together with the flowery porcelains you will set in. Accessory choices are also important in this kind of bright kitchen where dark colors are not used. Selection of accessories and equipment to support your home’s general air and country style should be made. Apart from this, country kitchens are “nostalgic” and most importantly economic kitchen designs because they are open designs for “self-building” projects and renovation of old furniture.

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